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Additional Options (May Affect Turnaround)

CD Inlays slip into a CD case to list the contents and/or information your client wants to display in the case. This is where you often see an artists name and the song list. The perforation assists as a guide when folding the insert. This is also used to help position the information that will be displayed on the spine of the CD.

100lb c2s Text
This is the most common stock for flyers, brochures, posters, magazines and gives a professional quality thickness to the paper stock. It is commonly folded, but it is often recommended to add the option of scoring to reduce cracking on the folds. Most people don’t score the brochures, but depending on your client’s preference of cost verses quality is may be the best option. The paper is a nice balance between thickness and maintaining the ability to fold easily.

Artwork/File Orientation is only relevant for two side jobs or multiple pages of artwork. Please ensure that your artwork is submitted ‘press ready’ and that the orientation is correct to deliver the finished product you are looking for. Careful attention should be made to ensure the product is press ready with proper orientation, as our workflow does not allow for changing this once a file has been uploaded. The following guideline will assist you to visually understand what proper file orientation needs to look like.

Preparing Files for Print

General Artwork Preparation Guidelines

  • Download our template/guide to ensure proper placement of images and text.
  • Each order submitted including multiple paged projects MUST be submitted as a single PDF file. Please ensure that all pages have the proper orientation to ensure proper back up. They must also have bleed and make sure each page are all the same size.
  • It is always a best practice to try to avoid using borders in your design. If a border is too close to the trim, the trim may be slightly off-center. Even a hairline difference can cause your design to look off centered.
  • File must consist of a 1/16" bleed (books and magazines will require an 1/8”). All of the relevent graphics and text must be within the safety margin unless you intend to have part of it cut off(this is sometimes the desired effect, so please make sure it is done the way you would like it printed)
  • Ensure that your PDF process colour (CMYK) and saved in high resolution. As a rule it is suggested all files should be saved at 300 DPI. Spot Colours and coating will need to be set up as such within the chosen layers. Additional charges will apply if applicable.

If you would like a set up guide or template for your order, please email designsquaread@gmail.com and we will send you one. Within the next two weeks we will be populating the largest selection of templates available. Thanks again for working with Ad Design Square.

Turnaround is always an important factor to consider when placing an order. Fortunately, we have established a reputation for having the industry's fastest printing service. In fact, we are the only trade print provider to offer Same Day service as a regular service option for offset, digital and wide format printing. We have consistently operated 24 hours every day. That is equal to 3 x 8 hour shifts per day and we do this 7 days per week. That is the same as 4 x 40hr shifts per week. In short, we do in one day what most printer are able to do in three. At Printer Gateway we realize that time is critical and our job is to make you look amazing to your customers. With that in mind, we have organized our workflow to support various turnaround times/production service levels designed to help you present time-driven options for your clients in order to meet their needs. Take advantage of the turnaround time choices we make available so you can meet every deadline with confidence.

There are other turnaround times available within our website. However they follow the same logic as the chart above. Please use this as a guide and manage your clients' expectations accordingly. Please note these times are based on receiving press ready files. Any errors or corrections may lead to a longer than desired production process as it adds additional processing time.

Selecting additional options when ordering from our store may add additional turn around times to your submitted jobs. You will get an email within a few minutes of submitting a job that helps confirm the turn around time after the job has been submitted. This will almost always include the addition time based on the extra finishing options selected.

Turnaround times are normally calculated online based on store-based orders. Any custom uploads/orders may not have this amount of detail as projects will vary. In most cases, your live status link will still provide an estimated finish date and you will still receive a notice in real time once your order has been completed.

Orders that will be picked up: Please allow a business hour or two after the turnaround to prepare packages for pickup. Although they should be ready, you should always wait until you get an email notification that the job is ready. This notification is sent our by our system in real time the moment your job is boxed.

If our prepress department has approved your order(s) and payment have been processed by 3pm EST, your turnaround time will begin the next business day.

When choosing a custom stock, you can experience delays beyond our control as we can not start the job until we have stock on the floor. Please take custom stock requests into consideration when ordering time-sensitive jobs. One useful best practice is to add ‘or an equivalent stock’. This often gives us additional paper options that may speed up the production process.

Holidays and times like Christmas and New Years can impact turn around times. Having said this, we have been open and in full production each year and are able to do what other companies cannot during this periods. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get important notices as well as our monthly emailed specials.